Sunday, October 18, 2009

lab #4

I did our fourth lab on trust in America. I have created a powerpoint so I will bring in my computer tomorrow.
I went to five different houses and asked parents if they neede a baby-sitting service (my neighborhood is huge so i went to a part of it where no one knew me and i didn't know them). i told them my name, that i lived in Denver, NC, and my goal but didn't give any other information unless they asked ( so they didn't know that i lived in their community). I recieved scattered reponses, some surprising and some acceptable.
All in all, trust in America (based on my lab) rests in financial security. if you have a decent amount of money then you are trustworthy, if you don't then you are considered sketchy, or so my lab says. my lab shows that the social capital in a country-club owned community is low. you should be able to trust anyone (within reason) but as my lab shows, with money comes trust.

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