Thursday, October 15, 2009

lab #15

Lab #15

I went out into my neighborhood to see if people could name their neighbors. One of the people knew a lot of his neighbors while most only knew 1 or 2 of their neighbors. This shows that social capital is definately not very high around where I live. Just another thing that shows this low social capital is the fact that when I am home I never see anyone outside in my neighborhood and if I do they usually aren't very friendly.

Watch video below to see results :)


  1. this lab is really well-done! i love the variety of people used. It shows how common it is that americans don't know their neighbors
    -Meredith Woodson

  2. I really like this lab! Its very well done and I like how you made it into a video instead of just writing down statistics.

    Bekah B

  3. this really shows how common it is for people not to know their neighbors. good job on the video:)

  4. Your video was really awesome. I think the results would be about the same in my neighborhood. Except for one or two people who know everybody.

  5. It's astonishing how much social capital is decreasing.
    I know my neighborhood is relatively social capitalistic, though.

  6. I love your video. You guys are really talented. You took an interesting approach to the lab, asked good questions, and wrote insightful analysis of your labs. I really enjoyed your video, especially. Well done! You are good social capital detectives!